SPACE on Ryder Farm

"out beyond ideas of wrongdoing or right doing, 
there is a field.
i will meet you there." -rumi

I recently had the pleasure of visiting SPACE on Ryder Farm, located in beautiful Brewster, New York. Having traveled from California I was beyond moved by the picturesque scenery of green landscape, organic farming and rescued animals. Emily Simoness started the non-profit artist residency program in 2009 after visiting the farm that has been in her family since the late 1700's. Envisioning a one-of-a-kind retreat and workshop space for thousands of artists living in the New York City area SPACE was born.

As an artist I immediately had a deep sense of appreciation for the environment that is being offered, an open space, a quiet retreat from the backdrop of the city while creating a cross-pollinating opportunity as residents come together each evening for a communal dinner and artistic share. Not having been in the studio for sometime I am finding myself experiencing a creative pull. Experiencing new territory while witnessing the balance of hard work and play amongst fellow artists has lit a previously dim spark. Each day provides a new opportunity to create. Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow. I am ready.  "I think it is in collaboration that the nature of art is revealed."