loving the obscure

I love abstract art. I am drawn to it. To the ambiguousness and complexities that lay within the story. For it may be one story to the artist and another to the viewer, with hidden narratives that have yet to be discovered for others. And the stories can change as we change, both individually and as a society. Abstract pieces can become a mirror for what we are feeling and experiencing. If we search deep enough it is possible to find meaning, solace and pure emotion amongst the texture and layers that bring forth the dance of process. 

As an individual, I find the obvious to be bland and safe. There is no challenge in a literal and precise experience. I am intrigued by the less apparent in both art and life. I find it to be the "messy" compositions that draw me in, make me question, make me think, challenge me in a provocative way. Again, art imitating life. For it is in this searching that we find our inner selves and our true passions. This richest of experiences are often found in the obscure.

"The moment you think you understand a great work of art, it's dead for you." -Oscar Wilde