the power of inspiration

There was recently an article on the Huffington Post discussing what is better for creativity, happiness or depression. My answer is both. Life is what we make of it, and art is a reflection of that life. I am inspired by the world both around and within me, and as an artist it is only natural that these moments would come forth in my work.

I have a newfound sense of appreciation for a place of inspiration that was once overlooked. An awakening that is a bottomless wealth of creativity, love, and connection. The more that I am able to stay engaged in this awakened place the more my art is bound to prosper. As Alice Walker states in the article, despite feeling that good poetry must come from sadness, she actually found as she got older and happier she continued to write.

So as we are out there, trying to make the math of life add up in our heads, we can continue to find visual encouragement even in the happiest of times.