ceci est la couleur de mes reves

I recently returned from NYC, the most amazing visit I have yet to experience. It was as if my body was buzzing from the surroundings. I had the pleasure of taking in the food, the people, the theaters and museums. Amongst the two million artifacts on display at the Met I was pleased to stumble across my favorite, Joan Miro's This is the Color of my Dreams. I adore the simplicity of the canvas with the telling romanticism of the text. It is as if Miro is allowing the viewer to experience a sliver of intimacy through seven little words. If my dreams had a color I would like to believe that they would be as beautifully poetic and simplistically displayed.

This piece also reminds me that I love words. The creation of a story within a painting can leave breadcrumbs of a path, yet it is ultimately up to the viewer to make their own individual interpretation. Simple little words can move mountains and change a perspective entirely, both on and off the canvas. Ceci est la couleur de mes reves.