the art of the story

I recently came across an article for a gallery opening entitled "Story Painters." It immediately resonated for I, too, am a story painter. In two simple words it is such a precious and perfect way to describe what I love to do most. It is a rare occurrence that one of my pieces is completed without the inclusion of some sort of word, symbol, lyric, quote... the possibilities are endless. The world around me is a constant source of inspiration and lyrical creativity, and I find the visual inclusion of these elements to provide a texturized richness; the layering of our experiences and the world around us. In the end these experiences makes for a lovely story. A story painting.

The Bedford Gallery in Walnut Creek will be featuring the work of Story Painters Squeak Carnwath, Hung Liu, and Inez Storer from February 16 through April 11, 2010.