organize. agitate. educate...

...must be our war cry.
susan b. anthony, 1890.

and now, 118 years later, we must organize, agitate, educate after the nomination of sarah palin as the republican candidate for vice president of the united states. Mrs. Palin is against:
  • sex-education
  • birth control
  • the pro-choice platform
  • environmental protection
  • alternative energy development
  • freedom of speech (as shown in her attempt to ban books)
  • gun control
  • separation of church and state
  • polar bears
Let us remember the trials and tribulations that our founding sister endured in order for the women of today to have freedom of their voice and freedom of their body. The political interests of Sarah Palin will effect the lives of our daughters and their daughters. So today I honor the women who shook up the status quo and taught us to depend on ourselves while disregarding failure as a viable choice.